Aloha Thyself Print

Aloha Thyself Print

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Celebrate women today and everyday with arts focused on female empowerment. As modern women, it's critical that we reconnect with our source of power, and art is one of the ways I've chosen to do it.

Art, I believe, has the power to awaken something within us and open up new perspectives.

In this light, I wanted to focus the area of female empowerment art and aloha because I believe that living with aloha allows us to find that strength from within.

Female empowerment art may remind us that our inner strength and power come from our sensibility, vulnerability, and compassion, not in spite of them.
My work serves as both a decorative element and a tool for contributing to the women's empowerment movement.

”Aloha Thyself because Aloha starts from Within”


    • 5"x7" Print in 8"x10" mat
    • 8"x10" Print in 11"x14" mat
    • Printed on white,
  • ready-to-frame premium matte paper
  • Plumeria flowers
  • Handmade in Hawaii. Made with Aloha.