What is a Mana Wahine?

Woman wearing a white flower lei

I get asked of this question a lot because my artworks are created in adoration to the mana wahine of the islands and of the world. "Mana" in some Polynesian languages is 'thunder, storm or wind.” Ancient Hawaiians believed mana could be inherited through lineage or acquired through great feats, skill, artistry, talents and gifts, which are cultivated through education and training. "Wahine" in its literal translation is a "woman, female, mother". Mana wahine combined could mean along the lines of a woman with great strength or power, a woman of great training or education.

Beautiful woman wearing a flower crown made of hibiscus and plumeria

No two women are alike and this applies to all the wahine out there. One can be strong physically while the other lacks the physical strength but is strong emotionally. I believe all women are to be considered mana wahine. All women fight different kinds of battles and withstand different types of storms in life. 

Custom artwork

Our mana is neither determined by the world nor defined by it. We define our mana and we can share it to other wahine in need of it. A mana wahine can be someone uplifting other wahine around her through acts of service, a mana wahine can be someone setting an example through her words and actions, a mana wahine can be you and me, a mana wahine can be all of us.

Friends custom artwork

Your mana empowers other women and all the people around you. Show it to everyone around you, let other women recognize their own, too. 

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